Mary did U know… Cover by Yvan Buravan

Mary did U know… Cover by Yvan Buravan – Directed by Meddy Saleh
audio by Bob Pro

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  1. The first second I heard your voice I instantly fell in love with your sound as well as the video! I have subscribed and am not regretting it! Looking forward for more music from you.. Keep up the incredible work! You truly have a talent, as well as a great passion for music which I highly appreciate. Would mean a lot if you could check out my version of Mary Did You Know which I recently covered on my channel!

  2. mary did you know blacks will be treated as isa (jesus) as they struggle for civil rights .  that people will burn symbol of oppression to torment them and some talented singer  will make bullshit songs to make white people happy for money. as you people that fight for their home die and are called terrorist ?


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